Why is important Schliemann?

Heinrich Schilemann

He discovered Troy an other cities like: Myceane, Tiryns.
He was born in bad position. He was the son of humble shepherd, he need to work during five years when he was fourteen years old.
He was very clever and sailed to Venezuela for escape of his terrible live. But the ship
wrecked in the coast of Holand. He learn seven different languages.


Biography (It's like wikipedia but I use in my words)

Schliemann was born in Neubukow in 1822.Luise His mother died when he was just 9

He had declared he want the city of Troy. Schliemann's interest in the classics continued throughout his time at the Gymnasium Schliemann went to Hamburg and became a cabin boy on the Dorothea, a steamer bound for Venezuela. Twelve days in the sea when the ship foundered in a gale.

Schliemann clearly had an extraordinary gift for languages. He know twelve language like English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, Greek, Latin, Russian, Arabic, Turkish and German

Based on the work of a British archaeologist, Frank Calvert, who had been excavating the site in Turkey, he visited sites in the Greek world, published Ithaka, deer Peloponnesus und Trojan

By 1871, Schliemann was ready to go to work at Troy. Schliemann published Troja und seine Ruinen (Troy and Its Ruins)

In 1876, he began digging at Mycenae. Upon discovering the Shaft Graves, with their skeletons and more regal gold (including the Mask of Agamemnon), Schliemann cabled the king of Greece. The results were published in Mykena in 1878.


Mask of Agamemnon

The mask for remember to Schilemann

It was discover in Myceane in 1876 by Schilemann.
It's a real funeral mask
. Heinrich Schilemann thought the mask was of the legendary Greek leader Agamemnon. Now the mask is in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.